Our Bylaws...


(A Tennessee Not-For-Profit Corporation)


The purpose of the NMTT, Inc. shall be to promote communication and dissemination of knowledge; to promote continued education and research in the field of Nuclear Medicine Technology through meetings and other activities; and to promote the development and identification of Nuclear Medicine Technology as a profession.  The NMTT, Inc. shall assist technologists in forming local Organizations.



            Section 1.1.  Membership in the Nuclear Medicine Technologist of Tennessee, Inc. (hereinafter “NMTT” or the “society”) will be open to all technologists, who can provide evidence of training and/or experience in nuclear medicine technology satisfactory to the Membership Committee of the NMTT.  In making its judgments, the Committee will take into consideration the following evidence:

a.                   Satisfactory completion of, and graduation from, an accredited formal training program in nuclear medicine technology.

b.                  Certification or registration by a recognized board or registry of nuclear medicine technology.

c.                   Other types of experience gained in nuclear medicine technology or in a related field may be considered, provided the Committee feels the applicant possesses sufficient interest and experience to make a positive contribution to the aims and objectives of the NMTT.

Section 1.2.  Members of the NMTT

MEMBERS pay dues, receive official publications of the NMTT, have the right to vote in all issues presented to the membership, and may serve on the council or as an officer of the NMTT.

Section 1.3.  Additionally the NMTT shall maintain a category of affiliation:  Members-In-Training.

a.                   STUDENT AFFILIATES/MEMBERS-IN-TRAINING are persons enrolled in a training program in nuclear medicine technology.  Members in this category will pay no dues, have no voting privileges, and may hold appointive office only.

Section 1.4.  Applicants will submit an official application along with the dues to the Membership Committee for review and recommendation.  When duly recommended by the Membership Committee, applicants will become members.

Section 1.5.  Appeal for revision of membership status shall be made to the Membership Committee by the person involved.

Section 1.6.  Membership will be renewed annually upon payment of dues in November.  Members in arrears for dues shall not vote, hold office, or be entitled to receive reports of the transactions of the NMTT.  Members can be reinstated upon payment of dues for the year in which membership is requested.



            Section 2.1.  The officers of the NMTT shall be President, President-Elect, Treasurer, and Secretary.  Except for the Treasurer, these officers shall be elected annually by the membership.  The Treasurer shall be elected for a two year term.  All officers shall be installed at the annual business meeting.

            Section 2.2.  A term of elective office is defined as the period between the installation of officers at each annual business meeting.

            Section 2.3.  The President shall preside at all NMTT board meetings.  The President shall appoint auditors, tellers, and other persons necessary to conduct business.  He shall also appoint committee chairmen.  He will also be an ex-officio member of all committees, except the Nominating Committee.  He shall be responsible for all matters, stated or implied, that are related to the safety, stature, and proper operation of the NMTT.  With the consent of a majority of the executive council, he may act in an emergency without a general meeting.  The President will represent Tennessee on the Council of the Technologist Section of the Southeastern Chapter Society of Nuclear Medicine.

            Section 2.4.  The President-Elect shall familiarize himself with all activities of the NMTT.  He shall be ex-officio member of all standing committees except the Nominating Committee.  The President-Elect will be appointed alternate representative to the Southeastern Chapter Technologist Section Council.  He shall succeed to the Presidency at the next annual business meeting.

            Section 2.5.  The Treasurer will compile a membership roster, notify membership of dues obligations, receive and dispense funds.  He must also submit a complete written report at the annual business meeting.

            Section 2.6.  The Secretary shall keep minutes of all business meetings, preserve records, and notify membership of meetings.  The Secretary must submit a complete written report at the annual business meeting.

            Section 2.7.  The Historian shall be appointed by the President for a term of one (1) year.  The Historian shall maintain the scrap book and serve as depository for all historical documents pertaining to the NMTT. 

Section 2.8.  The NMTT President may, if necessary, appoint an assistant to the Treasurer.  The Assistant Treasurer shall be a full member in good standing. The Assistant Treasurer shall have the authority to co-sign with the Treasurer in all matters of importance.

            Section 2.9.  The Board of Directors shall consist of a representative from each geographical area.

Section 2.10. The Executive Committee shall consist of Elected Officers and the Board of Directors.

            Section 2.11.  The Council shall meet at least twice a year and special meetings may be called by the President with approval of a majority of the council.

            Section 2.12.  In the event that the President and the President-Elect were to resign or be unable to act, the Executive Committee shall make a temporary appointment to the office of Presidency, thereby allowing time for an election to take place.  The election shall be within one month of the resignation.

            Section 2.13.  Should the office of President-Elect become vacant prior to the election of new officers, this office shall remain vacant until the next election, and a new President and President-Elect shall be elected by the membership.

            Section 2.14.  In the event a vacancy should occur in any other elected or appointed office, the President shall make a temporary appointment to fill the vacancy until the next election.



            Section 3.1.  The Council shall have general charge of the business affairs of the NMTT and all the property and monies received in the operation of the NMTT, approve annual budget and make rules and regulations as it shall deem necessary for the management and well being of the NMTT.  Matters dealing with the routine operation of the NMTT and not specifically controlled by these Bylaws shall be the function of the Council.  Decisions of the Council shall be determined by affirmative vote of the majority of the voting members present, there being a quorum present.  Actions of the Council shall be reported to the membership by the President.

            Section 3.2.  A quorum shall consist of one-half of the voting membership of the Council.  A quorum must be present before any action can be implemented.  The presiding officer can vote as any other member when the vote is by ballot.  In all other cases, the presiding officer is obliged to vote, but only when his vote may affect the outcome.

            Section 3.3.  The Council shall consist of the following voting members:

            (a)  The Executive Committee

            (b)  The NMTT’s most recent past Presidents

            (c)  Standing Committee Chairmen

            Section 3.4.  The Council shall meet at least twice a year before the annual business meeting.  Interim meetings may be held at a time and a place decided by a majority of the Council, or by a petition of a quorum of the voting membership of the Council or by the President.  A quorum must be present.  Notice of any special Council meetings must be sent to each member of the Council (30) days prior to the date of the proposed meeting.



            Section 4.1.  Membership Committee

            The Treasurer shall be the chairman of the Membership Committee which shall consist of one member from each geographical area of the NMTT.  Members of this committee are responsible to review applications and are responsible to the Treasurer so that a current roster of the NMTT is maintained.

            Section 4.2.  Nominating Committee

            The Nominating Committee shall consist of a chairman and the members shall consist of one representative from each geographical area. The Committee is formed at least 6 months prior to the annual business meeting.  The immediate Past President shall serve as the chairman.

            Section 4.3.  Program Committee

            The President shall assume the duties of Program Committee Chairman.  The duties of the Program Committee are to organize the continuing education program at the Annual State Meeting.  The Program Chairman will provide required information for Voice approval.

            Section 4.4.  Bylaws Committee

            The Chairman of the Bylaws Committee is appointed for one term by the President.  The duties of the Bylaws Committee are:  to recommend to the Council any changes proposed by the membership as outlined in Article VII.

            Section 4.5.  Fiscal Committee

            The Fiscal Committee shall consist of three (3) members.  The initial appointment shall consist of one member with a one year term, one member with a two year term and one member with a three year term.  Thereafter, a new member shall be appointed annually for a term of three (3) years.  Additionally, in case of vacancy a member will be appointed to complete the term.

            The Committee members shall be appointed by the President and approved by a majority of the Council.

            The appointed Fiscal Committee members shall be a past elected officer of the NMTT (Past President, Past Treasurer or Past Secretary).  The Fiscal Committee shall be responsible for audits, review of annual budgets and the long term financial stability of the NMTT.

            Spending in excess of the approved budget shall be subject to approval by the Fiscal Committee.  A vote by the Fiscal Committee can be overridden by 3/4 vote of the Council.

            Section 4.6.  Legislative Committee

            The Chairman of the legislative Committee is appointed for a term of one year by the NMTT President.  The Chairman is a member of the SEC-TS legislative network, and is responsible for legislative actions dealing with Nuclear Medicine Technology.  A written report is to be submitted to the SEC-TS Legislative Chairman on request.

            Section 4.7.     Vender Relations Committee

            The Chairman of the Vender Relations Committee is appointed for a one year term by the President.  The duties of the Vender Relations Committee are to solicit vendor support for the annual NMTT meeting.

            Section 4.8.  IT Committee

            The IT chair is appointed for a one year term by the President.  The duties of the IT committee are to manage and maintain the NMTT website.



            The dues shall be determined annually by 3/4 majority vote of the Council; approved by a simple majority vote of the voting membership at the annual business meeting.

            Dues are payable as of November 1.  Unpaid dues become delinquent on December 31.  All the privileges of membership including voting, the holding of office, committee appointments and receiving reports of the transactions of the Society shall be suspended during the period of delinquency.  All privileges will be reinstated upon payment of the delinquent dues within the calendar year in which membership is requested.



            Section 6.1.  Elections shall be held by ballot.

            Section 6.2.  Members of the Nominating committee shall submit in writing 75 days prior to the annual business meeting, the names and current curriculum vitae of nominees for elective office to the Chairman of the Nominating Committee.

            Section 6.3.  A ballot of nominated candidates along with the qualifications of each nominee shall be distributed to voting members at the annual NMTT meeting upon registration.  Ballots shall be turned in by the date and time designated on the ballot.  Members may request an absentee ballot from the secretary by mail 45 days prior to the NMTT annual meeting.  Absentee ballots shall be returned to the Chairman of the Nominating Committee 15 days prior to the annual business meeting.

            Section 6.4.  Votes shall be counted prior to the annual business meeting under the direction of the Nominating Committee Chairman.

            Section 6.5.  For each office, the nominee receiving the majority of votes by ballot shall be elected to the office.

            Section 6.6.  In case of a tie vote, the members of the Executive Committee present at the annual business meeting shall, as a group, cast one tie-breaking vote.

            Section 6.7.  All new officers shall be installed at the annual meeting and serve from that day until the installation of their successors at the next Annual Meeting.



            Section 7.1.  Any member may propose changes in the NMTT Bylaws by submitting such proposals in writing to any officer or the Bylaws Committee. All proposed changes shall be forwarded to the Chairman of the Bylaws Committee.

            Section 7.2.  The proposed amendments shall be submitted to the Council of the NMTT for approval.

            Section 7.3.  All proposed Bylaws changes approved by the Council shall be submitted to the entire membership at least thirty (30) days before the Annual Business Meeting.  A two thirds (2/3) vote of the returned ballots shall cause the proposed changes to become amendments.



            All questions of parliamentary procedure shall be determined at all meetings by the most recent edition of Robert’s Rules of Order except those procedures governed by provisions of these Articles.



            In the event that the organization shall ever cease to exist, it is hereby resolved that all properties, monies, minutes, and records shall become the property of the Technologist Section of the Southeastern Chapter of the Society of Nuclear Medicine, Inc.

EFFECTIVE DATE:    March 1, 2010                                   Robert D Bowen


AS AMMENDED:        March, 2012